4Cs for Success – Confident, Committed, Controlled, Connected September 2023 Programme


The challenges of life can chip away at your confidence, undermine your sense of purpose and commitment ,push you out of control and weaken your connection, especially with your inner strengths. Relentless challenges like we have been experiencing in recent years can affect how you feel and perform. This programme allows you to reconnect with the 4 Cs of success and understand your strengths and how to use them on demand.

Using the 4Cs is not a destination but a journey, one that you can progress along. The challenges of work and life can cause you to get stuck on that journey. This programme helps you to get unstuck, helps you to access inner resources, get clear about what’s important to you, and connect with yourself and others: your team, family and stakeholders.

The 4Cs work best when they are in support of each other. When you are:

  • Confident: Real confidence happens on the inside and shows itself in your actions as well as in the way you feel. Confidence comes with self-knowledge and purpose in this way you identify and master your own set of behavioural cues that bypass the stereotype of masculine confidence, allowing you to find your own version of confidence.
  • Committed: This is about being clear on what you want, your purpose, and the way you can achieve it. It also means acting on your priorities and being mindful about where you put your energy and importantly being clear about what you will not do. This commitment allows you to manage stress and avoid burnout as well as to be more decisive.
  • Controlled: This is about emotional control and power. That is not surpressing emotions but using them to achieve your best performance. It’s also about recorgnising your own power and using it to achieve your purpose and to achieve your goals for career, team and orgainisation.
  • Connected: This is first about yourself, knowing your strengths, and your triggers and tapping into your inner wisdon. It is also about connection with others; colleagues, stakeholders, and family.

These four abilities form the backbone of our programme. They are mutually reinforcing and their impact multiplies when you work towards mastery.  Throughout the programme we also weave in research and data, practical applications, and embodiment to ensure you get the best outcomes. For example:

  • An understanding of the research and scientific evidence
  • The practical application of insights as well as achieving lasting change through coaching and peer support
  • An introduction to embodiment so the change you are making is embedded and becomes how you are not just what you know.

Do you need this?

If you are not sure you need this programme, consider:

In your most honest moments do you know:

Fear of failure is limiting you
Aversion to risk is holding you back
Negative self-talk is plaguing you
Perfectionism is slowing your career
You hold back who you really are and what you stand for from fear of judgement
An inability to say no is creating overwhelm and potential burnout
Worrying about other people’s opinions is keeping you from speaking up
Imposter syndrome is present too often

This programme will help you know yourself better: to know your true purpose and strengths, overcome the fear of failure, manage negative self-talk and imposter syndrome, access your power and use it positively, recognise and utilise inner resources, and achieve the success you deserve at work and in your personal life. You will come off the programme confident, committed, controlled, and connected.

The 4Cs will serve you in many situations:

Important career and life choices
How you lead others
How you take action to get what you want
Your ability in new or challenging scenarios
Your energy and authenticity

By the end of this programme, you will have assessed your level of confidence, commitment, control and connection and have understood where your strengths lie, be able to take action in line with your purpose and have practical tools to use beyond the programme.

Over the course of the programme you have access to: self-assessment, research and insight – with examples from real people – reflection and practical steps, personalised one to one coaching, videos, articles and exercises, peer support as well as the tools to banish self-doubt and take concrete action.

The programme covers 6 modules


Kick off and Module 1: Know Where You Are Now and Where You Want to Go
You will take our self-assessment and work with your coach to set goals for the rest of the programme. At the kick off we introduce you to your peers, introduce our learning platform and the resources for the programme. You will meet your coach and contract with them.

Our first module focuses on Confidence. Confidence is the foundation for success. We identify how your confidence feels and how to demonstrate it in your behaviour and posture. There are practical tools you can adopt and practice for the rest of the programme, and beyond. Throughout the programme you will apply continue to practice and build confidence.

Module 2: Commitment – It’s Not Enough to Be Good at Your Job
Month two covers Imposter syndrome, recognising and amplifying your expertise, owning your ambition, and how clarity of purpose helps your confidence, commitment, control and connection.

Module 3: Control – Positive Power
Month three is about success in your environment. The focus is on emotions and their control for performance.  We also look at different types of power and how you can enhance your personal power for your own good as well as the benefit of your team and organisation. Power and control often have a negative connotation but the reseach would suggest they are in fact crucial to success.

Module 4: Connection – Your Inner Resources
Month four is about harnessing your inner resources: managing the inner critic, getting in touch with your inner wisdom and using all your inner resources to be your best self. We also look at Growth mindset and how this builds confidence, commitment, control and connection.

Module 5: Connection – New Work Habits
Building connection with others and the importance of this to your success. We often worry about what others think of us and we consider how this keeps us stuck. We also consider how being your best self attracts and inspires others.

Module 6: 4Cs of Success – Your Future Best Self and Wrap Up
In module six we help you to identify your future best self and plan how you will create a disciplined practice which will enhance and continue growing your 4Cs when new challenges occur.

When can you gain this learning?

The programme starts in September 2023.

Your investment

The programme is £6500 plus VAT. For your investment you will receive:

  • Eight 90-minute one to one coaching sessions
  • Six x 90-minute facilitated learning sessions with peers (these are also recorded so you can revisit materials or catch up if you are unable to make a session). Plus two one hour kick off and wrap up live session
  • Eight packs of online resources; videos, readings and exercises which create insight and introduce tools
  • Two self-assessments (at the start and end of the programme) with help to analysis the results and set goals
  • Numerous practical tools you can apply during the programme and beyond.
  • And most important of all an opportunity to progress your success journey.

What others have said

“Liked the different formats, of written pieces, videos etc. Many interesting topics, all relevant”.

“I was a bit daunted by the number of sessions at the start but it was spaced well and I felt they were all necessary. I liked the balance of group and individual sessions and found them all to be helpful, informative and enjoyable”.

“I think the coaching was excellent and, for me, enormously valuable. I think the content was great and the group sessions were excellent but the coaching sessions are the element that caused the ideas to stick and the changes in myself to occur”.

“Really fantastic facilitators and coaches.”

“I have more confidence in my opinions/voice. I was really struggling to be heard, or to feel I had value to add, when I signed up and feel much more sure of

Your investment

Our early bird offer runs until 1st August 2023 and is £5500. Thereafter £6500.

Dates and more details are in the downloadable PDF at the bottom of this page.

To join the programme you can make a payment in this link.

Once you have registered, we will send you the dates and times of webinars. If you are unable to make a credit card payment, please contact me to discuss how we can get you registered.

If you have questions call or email janhills@hhab.co.uk +447766805552.

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