Jan Hills and Francesca Hills

Jan Hills and Francesca Hills are a mother-and-daughter writing partnership. Jan is a respected leadership consultant; her company Head Heart + Brain works with leaders and organisations in the UK, Europe and Australia. Francesca has a marketing and advertising background and is an executive director in communications planning.

The neuroscience focus of the book comes from Jan’s longstanding commitment to this approach: she was one of the first people to gain the only academically-recognised qualification in the neuroscience of leadership. “Neuroscience can show why particular policies work, and help leaders and organisations to be even more successful,” she says.

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  • Brain savvy Wo+man : How women can overcome gender bias and succeed at work

    Make your work more satisfying, be more effective, and overcome the bias that can hold you back. Understand how your brain works, and the shortcuts of thinking that direct most of what we do, how others react to us and us to them.
    In your everyday job:

    • What can you do when you’re being side-lined, talked-over, or someone else gets credit for your ideas?
    • What to do if your colleagues react badly when you stand up for your point of view?
    • Are you too tired to be ambitious?
    • Do you dread the words “I need to give you some feedback”?
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