Change Leadership Programme


Change Leadership is concerned with vision, motivation, resilience and skills to succeed during large-scale change.

Change Leadership is about maximising your leadership skills in the context of today’s complex business world; it is about engaging with your own resilience and building resilience in others; optimising your understanding of how change impacts you and others, based on research from neuroscience and understanding the nuances of motivation during times of change in your business.

Our Change Leadership programme builds these embodied skills in you so that you can fulfil your potential as a leader in changing times.

This 6-month programme includes:

Month 1: Introduction and how the brain responds to change and the implications for leading change. Your situation and the changes you are making.

Month 2: Embodied leadership skills as they apply to change

Month 3: Leading yourself and others through change. Gaining buy-in

Month 4: The science of resilience that every leader should know

Month 5: Leading for high performance during change

Month 6: Change clinic, how to take your embodied change leadership forward


The Programme incorporates a number of different ways of learning: online materials, webinars, one to one coaching and action learning sets.  It is interactive and experiential, using real issues to give participants an opportunity:

  • To relate the material directly to their day-to-day work
  • To learn from each other
  • To recognise that people are at different levels of comfort and different stages in their change journey
  • To apply skills to their organisation and embed learning.

Throughout the programme participants will receive 4 session of one to one coaching sessions aimed at developing their embodied change leadership skills and applying these to their organisation. They will also work in action learning groups to apply the skills they are learning.

Who this programme is for?

This programme is designed for anyone involved in making change happen in an organisation. They do not have to have a title of leader but may be involved in supervising teams and projects, providing advice and guidance to leaders, be a leader of one team or multiple teams, be involved in determining new direction for a team or business unit.

Your Investment

The programme investment is £2950 per person plus VAT. This includes webinars and on-line materials, four one to one coaching sessions, setting up and supervising action learning sets.


The programme will start in April/May 2020. Webinars will accommodate participants’ time zones.A full timetable will be published before the programme commences.

To join the programme you can make a payment in this link.

If you have questions call or email +447766805552.

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