4Cs for Success – Confident, Committed, Controlled, Connected 2022 Programme

September 2022


Welcome to Your Course. Content Becomes Available in September.


Kick off and Module 1: Know Where You Are Now and Where You Want to Go. You will take our self-assessment and work with your coach to set goals for the rest of the programme.

Module 2: Commitment – It’s Not Enough to Be Good at Your Job. Month two covers Imposter syndrome, recognising and amplifying your expertise, owning your ambition, and how clarity of purpose helps your confidence, commitment, control and connection.

Module 3: Control – Positive Power. Month three is about success in your environment. The focus is on emotions and their use and control for performance.  We also look at different types of power and how you can enhance your personal power for your own good as well as the benefit of your team and organisation. Power and control often have a negative connotation but the research would suggest they are in fact crucial to success.

Module 4: Connection – Your Inner Resources. Month four is about harnessing your inner resources: managing the inner critic, getting in touch with your inner wisdom and using all your inner resources to be your best self. We also look at Growth mindset and how this builds confidence, commitment, control and connection.

Module 5: Connection – New Work Habits. Month five begins to set you up for after the programme by looking at building habits that boost confidence, commitment, control, and connection.

Module 6: 4Cs of Success – Your Future Best Self and Wrap Up. In module six we consider your future best self and plan how you will create a disciplined practice which will enhance and continue growing your 4Cs when new challenges occur.

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