Amplifying the Impact of Your Online Offerings


An Interactive Masterclass for Leaders, Learning & Leadership Professionals, and Coaches

Recording is now available.


This 90-minute masterclass, led by Dylan Newcomb — one of the world’s leading embodiment teachers, who specialises in online training & coaching — will give you a core set of principles and interactive experiences that will help you make your online training and coaching as impactful and relationship-building as your live events.

In this Masterclass, you will experience and learn about:

  1. How to overcome the “virtual divide” and provide experiences that support your participants to connect more deeply on an emotional and interpersonal level, throughout your online events. (Some of this is about facilitation methodologies, a surprising amount is about your on-screen body language and vocal quality)
  2. How to better manage your own energy, presence, and way of engaging with your participants online, so that the leading & training process is significantly less uncomfortable, stressful, and draining for YOU, as a facilitator. (In other words, you’ll learn & practice how to find a healthy, energizing FLOW, while you facilitate online!)
  3. How to deliver your in-person content into a, interactive online format that maximizes attention and helps your participants engage more deeply with the material.

This special masterclass will offer clear, simple strategies you can quickly adopt and adapt to your own subject matter—whatever that may be, It will also include opportunities to try out these principles for yourself in interactive exercises and in breakout groups with other participants. The masterclass itself will be a “meta example” of what interactive, online learning & training can be.

Note: we are viewing this Masterclass as a taster and if popular, we will possibly offer an extended programme with Dylan – maybe 4 classes with the option of some additional one-to-one coaching to help you and your organization’s online training & coaching thrive, in this era of social distancing.

The masterclass is offered at a price to cover our costs at £50.00 per person. You will also receive the recording of the live event.

If you are unable to make the live masterclass we will be offering the recording for £20 register for recording only.

If you have questions call or email +447766805552.

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