HR Professional – Moving from a Tactical to a Strategic Mindset


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Kick-off Webinar
Webinar to meet participants, coaches and to answer all your questions on how the Programme is structured and run. Please complete the Introduction and Brain Basics prior to this webinar.

Month 1
How the brain keeps you tactical and how you can access the ‘strategic brain’. The science of being strategic. Changing mindset and creating new behavioural habits.

Month 2
Being mindful, confident and courageous. Practical steps to being more confident, challenging and knowing your purpose.

The tools for thinking strategically:

Month 3
The business acumen programme and commercial thinking.

Month 4
Understanding yourself and others, developing deep mentalizing capacity.

Month 5
Reframing how you look at situations.

Month 6
Shifting attention to strategy. Updating your self-perception, beliefs and capacity.

Month 7
Leading strategically. Helping others approach situations strategically, including using behavioural nudges.

Month 8
Wrap-up webinar to celebrate the changes you have made.

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Course Content

Modules Status

Introduction and Brain Basics


Module 1 – The Tactical Brain


Module 2 – Mindfulness, Purpose and Confidence


Module 3 – The Business Factor


Module 4 – Understanding Others


Module 5 – Reframing and Managing Deceptive Messages


Module 6 – Shifting Attention to Strategy Updating Your Self-Perception Beliefs and Capacity


Module 7 – Leading Strategically Helping Others Approach Situations Strategically Including Using Behavioural Nudges


Wrap Up Module


Action Learning Set