HR Strategy Programme – Being a Strategic HR Leader

Feb 2023


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Check-in – Getting Ready.  A short introductory LIVE session to introduce you to the course, your facilitators/coach and get set-up for the programme.

Month 1 – The Strategic Brain. We explore the foundations of neuroscience and look at the science of being strategic and explore how to form new working habits.

Month 2 – Mindful Purpose.  We explore the impact of being mindful and of having a strong strategic purpose.  This gives clarity of mind and inspires us to take bold courageous action.  Practical steps to articulating and embodying your strategic purpose.

Month 3 – Confidence.  Being strategic takes courage and confidence.  Practical tips and tools to build a foundation of confidence.

Month 4 – Leading Self.  In order to take tough strategic decisions you need to understand yourself and your own view.  Reframing how you look at situations.

Month 5 – Leading Others.  Developing deep mentalising capacity (the ability to see something from another’s perspective).

Month 6 – Leading Strategically. Helping others to approach situations more strategically, including using behavioural nudges.

Wrap-up Celebration of Success.  Reflection on progress and the changes you have made as well as planning for the future.

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Module 1 – The Strategic Brain


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