Online HR Business Partner Programme with one to one Coaching


Welcome to Your Course. Content Starting in June


Month 1

Introduction and research:Session to introduce coaches and facilitators and the participants to each other, set up the 360 and the structure of the programme.

We also introduce the research -the difference that makes a difference for HR Business Partners.

360 feedback and coaching session to interpret feedback and set learning goals.

Month 2
Self-Belief: All the knowledge in the world is useless if the HR Business Partner does not have the confidence to use it. This can be learnt as well as built through success during application of ideas on the programme.

Month 3
Know the business: Using our online business acumen e-learning and ideas like powerful questions we help HR Business Partners understand and focus on strategic conversations and data.

Month 4
Relationships: The best HR Business Partners build and manage relationships to get business outcomes. We use our research and the latest findings from neuroscience plus our practical tools to set HR Business Partners on a path to successful relationships with clients and colleagues.

Month 5
Independence: Having a point of view and the courage to voice it is what differentiates the best from the rest. This is a learnt skill which is most successful when accompanied by a clear purpose.

Month 6
One HR: HR Business Partners deliver value when they know how to get the best from their colleagues. This includes a mind-set and skills that span many of the topics covered. Understanding where and when the Business Partner is accountable is crucial here.

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