Future Leader – Leading a Virtual Team


The coronavirus lockdown has forever changed the way people will work. The way we led in 2019 will not be the way we lead in the future. No longer is home working a novelty. No longer is working flexibly thought to be for the under committed. Our definition of successful leadership has to move with these changes in the dynamics of the workplace. Current research shows many leaders have a bias in favour of office based working, they value long hours over outputs and are concerned about home workers productivity. Their mindset means they are looking for what’s not working rather than what works. In addition, many leaders find it hard to assess, appraise, and motivate teams spread across multiple locations who rarely meet face to face. In a world where this will be the new normal, leaders need new skills and a new mindset to motivate their teams and be successful.

The way we led in 2019 will not be the way we lead in the future. Our definition of successful leadership is changing as a result of these shifts in how people work. There are lots of tips and hints about how to tactically manage teams in this new work environment but very little about how to lead when you team is not in your office.

The key to successfully leading remote teams is your mindset, how you think about your team, how you think about productivity, outputs and hours and your role in creating collaboration, inclusion and motivation.

This programme teaches you the skills, mindset and new behaviours to lead differently: it focuses on how you bond and build trust across teams who never physically meet; how you set standards, give feedback, motivate and create high performance. It also helps you change your mindset around working virtually, develop your own style of leadership, and adapt your work habits.

Head Heart and Brain have years of experience designing and delivering leadership programmes. We have been doing this virtually and online for years. We know the combination of inputs which work and how to engage learners in the programme. We also back up all of our programmes with an understanding from neuroscience, so they help you see why ideas work and how you can change behaviour for greater success.

Our programme is split into two parts. Part one takes place over 4 weeks and is a catalytic change programme for leaders helping them to quickly adjust their leadership style and behaviours to working with remote teams. This is full of strategies and tactics leaders need now and begins to build their new ways of working.

Part two looks at deepening leadership skills and embedding new approaches to creating a high performing team. This part takes place over 5 months.

Both parts include one to one coaching to help embed new behaviours and support change.

You may sign up for Part one and then decide later if you wish to do the second part or immediately sign up for the full leadership programme.

The Programme

Part 1

Month 1 week 1: Assessing your current mindset and inclusive leadership style (self-assessment plus one to one coaching session to set goals) Introductory webinar and online materials based on an understanding of neuroscience as it applies to leadership and teams.

Week 2: Has leadership really changed forever? A clinic on your leadership challenges in the current climate. What the research says about the mistakes leaders make when leading a virtual team and what makes the biggest difference to a virtual team’s success.

Week 3: Developing trust, the research and practical implications for leaders.

Week 4: Setting standards, measuring performance, feedback, coaching and motivation when you are not face to face. Helping team members who are struggling.

We would expect leaders to have 2 one to one coaching session over this 4-week period to help deal with current challenges and begin to make change.

The programme will provide online resources, a webinar and explore further ideas as well as practical exercises, reflections and application.


Part 2

Month 2: Developing your leadership strength in a virtual world. The role of embodied leadership in authenticity. Knowing your leadership purpose and using it to guide your behaviour day to day.

Month 3: Creating a high performing team what the science suggests.

Month 4:  Inclusion, micro behaviours and stereotypes and their impact on your leadership and expectations of your team members.

Month 5: Leading Strategically: How the brain can help.

Month 6: Your leadership journey, continuing development plan

Who is this for?

The programme is for any leader (regardless of title) who wants to be more successful in the ‘new world’ and who is keen to develop their leadership style, skills and teams.

Your investment

The programme investment for parts one and two is £3990 per person plus VAT. This includes webinars and online materials six one to one coaching sessions, practical tools and self-assessment.

If you wish to start by attending Part 1 your investment is £900 per person plus VAT.  This includes webinars and online materials two one to one coaching sessions, practical tools and self-assessment.

Times of webinars will be planned in line with time zones of participants. All webinars are also recorded.


The programme will start in May 2020. Webinars will accommodate participants’ time zones. A full timetable will be published before the programme commences.

If you have questions call or email janhills@hhab.co.uk +447766805552.

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