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Making a strategic contribution as an HR professional is still a challenge for many individuals. Moving from being a great tactical HR partner who can solve today’s problems, to becoming a strategic partner who can solve the problems of the future is one of the most difficult transitions to make. This is because over the years we have trained our brains into tactical habits of thinking. This serves us well in the early parts of our career but those tactical habits become embedded, making them hard to shift.

Many courses that promise to help make this shift look at case studies and role models for strategic thinking, but they don’t focus on how you need to change your mindset and understand the brain to make this crucial transition.

The programme

Our programme uses an understanding of neuroscience to show you how to make the mental and behaviouralshifts to move from tactical to strategic in your HR role.

We do this through a combination of:

  • Understanding the difference between activating the tactical and the strategic thinking areas of the brain.
  • Building skills in the key elements of strategic thinking – including business acumen.
  • Cultivating an understanding of mindset and how to change it.
  • Building your confidence to act from strategic insight.


We have many years experience of working with HR professionals on brain-based learning and the acceleration of personal change.

In this programme we have taken that knowledge and applied it to designing an accessible and practical programme which accelerates personal development through, interactive webinars (so anyone can take part from around the world) one to one coaching, action learning, a designed for HR business acumen on-line programme and additional materials for those who want to delve deeper. The programme takes place over 8 months to give time for embedding new ways of thinking and working.

The details

The programme  starts with a kick-off webinar designed to introduce you to other participants, introduce the learning technology and the coaches. We will help you to get the most from the programme by sharing research about how the brain learns and changes behaviour and the implications for studying and applying your insights on the programme. We will also give you an overview of the programme and how you can meet your goals.

The Strategic Mindset Self-Assessment

Each participant will undertake a self-assessment to help them raise awareness (how tactical / strategic are they currently being) and set goals.

Each month you will receive on-line materials including videos, practical tools and exercises designed for you to use with your team, clients or with your action learning set.

You will also have six, one to one coaching sessions, focused on applying your new knowledge in your role, making personal change and building confidence to behave more strategically. The first coaching session will review your self-assessment and your programme goals. You will also look for opportunities to use your insights from the programme, back at work, in your organisation.

Programme Content Delivery

As well as the on-line content each month you will attend a webinar. The on-line content and webinar themes will be:

Month 1
How the brain keeps you tactical and how you can access the ‘strategic brain’. The science of being strategic. Changing mindset and creating new behavioural habits.

Month 2
Being mindful, confident and courageous.  Practical steps to being more confident, challenging and knowing your purpose.

The tools for thinking strategically:

Month 3
The business acumen programme and commercial thinking.

Month 4
Understanding your self and others, developing deep mentalizing capacity.

Month 5
Reframing how you look at situations.

Month 6
Shifting attention to strategy. Updating your self-perception, beliefs and capacity.

Leading strategically.Helping others approach situations strategically, including using behavioural nudges.

Month 8
Wrap-up webinar to celebrate the changes you have made.

Over the months you will work with your coach to apply your learning at work.

You will also be part of an Action Learning Set which meets via a technology platform at least every 2 months.  You will discuss your learning, practice using the tools, learn from the experience of your colleagues and support each other.

Who is this Programme for?

The programme is open to any HR professional who wants to adopt a more strategic approach to their role. The programme is particularly useful for HR business partners and L&D professionals as well as consultants and coaches.

We recommend small groups attending the programme together but can equally ensure individuals have a good experience.

The Investment

The programme investment is £3390per person plus VAT. This includes webinars and on-line materials, sixone to one coaching sessions, setting up and supervising action learning sets, and life long access to our HR business acumen programme.


The programme will start the week of the 23rd September 2019 and complete the end of May 2020. See the timetable below.

Early Bird Offer

People who have fully paid for the programme by 25th August will receive a fee copy of our book Brain-savvy Business on receipt of your postal address and fee.

We can also provide a bespoke programme in-house, ask for details.

Timetable for the  2019 Programme


Kick-off Webinar

Module One – The Tactical Brain


Module Two – Being Mindful, and Confident

Module Three – Business Acumen Programme


Module Four – Understanding Self and Others

Module Five – Reframing Situations


Module Six – Shifting Attention to Strategy

Module Seven – Leading Strategically


Wrap-up Webinar


Wed 25 September 2019

Wed 2 October 2019

Wed 16 October 2019

Wed 6 November 2019

Wed 4 December 2019

Wed 15 January 2020

Wed 5 February 2020

Wed 4 March 2020

Wed 18 March 2020

Wed 1 April 2020

Wed 6 May 2020

Wed 20 May 2020

Wed 27 May 2020

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