HR Strategy Programme – Being a Strategic HR Leader


Do you want to feel like a strategic leader?

Do you want to be more strategic and influential?

Are you interested in understanding the role your brain plays in strategic problem solving?

Do you keep getting pulled back into tactical thinking and want that to change?


Consistently making a strategic contribution as an HR professional is still a challenge for many individuals. Moving from solving today’s problems, to becoming a strategic partner who can solve the problems of the future is one of the most difficult transitions to make. This is because over the years we have trained our brains into tactical habits of thinking. This serves us well in the early parts of our career but those tactical habits become embedded, making them hard to shift.

Many courses that promise to help make this shift look at case studies and role models for strategic thinking, but they don’t focus on how you need to change your mindset and use an understanding of the brain to make this crucial transition.

You Will Learn

Our programme uses an understanding of neuroscience to show you how to make the mental and behavioural shifts to more consistently make a strategic contribution in your HR role. The programme enables you to hone your strategy skills  and know when a tactical response serves the business and when a strategic one will add the most value.

We do this through a combination of:

  • Understanding the difference between activating the tactical and the strategic thinking areas of the brain.
  • Building skills in the key elements of strategic thinking.
  • Cultivating an understanding of mindset and how to change it.
  • Building your confidence to act from strategic insight.
  • Enhance your strategic leadership by embodying your new skills and mindset.
  • Building skills in helping stakeholders make critical shifts in their assumptions about what is possible.

You Will Learn By….

We have many years experience of working with HR professionals on brain-based learning and the acceleration of personal change.

In this programme we have taken that knowledge and applied it to designing an accessible and practical programme which accelerates personal development. We do this through,


6  x 2 hour Interactive Group Learning Sessions (so anyone can take part from around the world) Plus 1 hour kick off and Wrap up.

6 x One to one coaching sessions

Online materials

The programme takes place over  6 months to give time for embedding new ways of thinking and working.

What You get…

A 6×2 hour virtual learning session covering practical tools and exercises

Online learning resources to provoke insight

Optional materials to delve deeper

6 one to one session with your coach

What’s Required of You…

Each month you will receive on-line materials including videos, practical tools and exercises designed for you to use with your team, clients or colleagues. You will need around 2 hours to complete this material each month.

We ask you to review this material and then attend the virtual learning session which will go deeper into a practical tools or exercises as well as review learning and application in your role.

Post session exercises and reflection material is also available.

One to one Coaching

This is at the heart of applying your learning to make personal change

You will have 6 one to one coaching sessions, focused on applying your new knowledge in your role, making personal change and building confidence to behave more strategically.

What Past Attendees have Said About the Programme

86% said their strategic skills had been enhanced by attending the programme.
100% said the coaching was very useful.
90% said the learning platform was very good


“Completely life changing and enlightening course. I have a far better understanding of myself, my brain and how to manage my emotions and reactions which will undoubtedly benefit me going forward.”

“Defining what strategy means at an individual level was an important idea.”

“Accessibility was very easy and the platform easy to use and navigate. Liked the way the content was set out with the heading to help direct focus and allow to pick up “super keen” stuff later.”

“Defining my purpose and remembering this when deciding how to spend my time and act more strategically” ( Was most useful)

“The pre-work was excellent.  I really enjoyed the variety of resources that were available and I was always able to complete the required content ahead of webinars as I felt that the information really drove forward my learning.”

“It was all very useful and meaningful. A couple of real takeways for me were the way our brains form habits and making tiny habits alongside the way overall this improved my knowledge of how my brain works and how I can better manage that.”

“I have trained as a coach and it was important for me to work with someone similarly qualified.  The coach I was matched with was a really good fit and I learned a lot from working with him, both as a coachee and as a coach.”

Are you right for this…

People who get the most from the programme are senior HR professional ( around 10 years plus experience) who want to hone their strategic skills and be more consistently strategic. You are probably in a role described as an HR business partner,  L&D, Talent or Reward professional or leading a team of HR professionals.  Consultants and coaches can also get a lot from the programme


This is for you if… This isn’t for you if…
You are a senior HR professional who wants to make a more strategic impact You are new to HR ( look at our HR Business Partner online programme)
You want to up your game and be more influencial You think HR’s role is to do as they are asked
Your role is strategic but you find yourself pulled into tactical issues You can’t make time to study independently (about 3-4 hours a month) and give a further 1 hour a month to coaching
You want to be more confident to make strategic suggestions You like knowledge and theory but prefer to do what you have always done
You want to feel like a strategic leader – not pretending
You want to challenge your own assumptions
You like understanding how the brain influences our mindset and behaviour and how to use that to make personal change
You want to make real change in how you add value to the business  

Your Investment

The programme including 6 coaching sessions is £3950 plus VAT.

Early bird offer. Sign up before 31st December 2022 pay just £ 2950 per person plus VAT. Plus we are giving all early bird participants our Brain Savvy Business Book.

From 1st January 2023 pay £3950 per person plus VAT.

This includes Learning Sessions and on-line materials, six  one to one coaching sessions and life long access to materials and recordings.


The programme will start in on 2nd Febuary 2023 and complete the July 2023.

More details, dates and time of learning sessions are in the PDF ( download) below.

To join the programme you can make a payment in this link.

If you are unable to make a credit card payment we can supply an invoice.

If you have questions call or email +447766805552.

If you have paid for the programme and then have to cancel the following will apply.

  • Cancellation before 1st of December 2022 – full refund
  • Cancellation after this date will result in forfiting your fee. We will look sympathetically at requests to defer to another programme or transfer your place to a suitably experienced and committed colleague.

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