HR Strategy Programme – Moving to a Strategic Mindset


Making a strategic contribution as an HR professional is still a challenge for many individuals. Moving from solving today’s problems, to becoming a strategic partner who can solve the problems of the future is one of the most difficult transitions to make. This is because over the years we have trained our brains into tactical habits of thinking. This serves us well in the early parts of our career but those tactical habits become embedded, making them hard to shift.

The programme

Our programme uses an understanding of neuroscience to show you how to make the mental and behavioural shifts to move from tactical to strategic in your HR role.

We do this through a combination of:

  • Understanding the difference between activating the tactical and the strategic thinking areas of the brain.
  • Building skills in the key elements of strategic thinking.
  • Cultivating an understanding of mindset and how to change it
  • Building your confidence to act from strategic insight.
  • Help stakeholders make critical shifts in their assumptions about what is possible.


We have many years of experience working with HR professionals on brain-based learning and the acceleration of personal change.

In this programme we have taken that knowledge and applied it to designing an accessible and practical programme which accelerates personal development through, interactive webinars (so anyone can take part from around the world) one to one coaching, action learning, a designed for HR business acumen on-line programme and additionalonline materials for those who want to delve deeper. The programme takes place over 8 months to give time for embedding new ways of thinking and working.

Who is this Programme for?

The programme is open to any HR professional who wants to adopt a more strategic approach to their role. The programme is particularly useful for HR business partners and L&D professionals as well asconsultants and coaches.

We recommend small groups attending the programme together but can equally ensure individuals have a good experience.

The investment

The programme investment is £3390 per person plus VAT. This includes webinars and on-line materials, six one to one coaching sessions, setting up and supervising action learning sets, and life long access to our HR business acumen programme.


The programme will start in June 2020 and complete in March 2021. See the timetable below in a downloadable PDF.

To join the programme you can make a payment in this link.

If you have questions call or email +447766805552.

Full details with dates are in this PDF which can be downloaded

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