Brain Basics – The foundation module: Sample Course

Brain Basics – The foundation module: Sample Course

Introduction and what this module covers

Despite it being the first quarter of the 21st century women still experience gender bias in the workplace. There are numerous theories about why women are not better represented in the most senior positions in organisations. Many subtly or not so subtly blame women themselves. We don’t believe these theories.

In this module, you’ll be introduced to the building-blocks of the programme: the basic neuroscience (which is presented in an accessible and immediately engaging way), and our approach to helping you to manage your career for success, and some suggestions to make your passage through the programme productive.

You will learn:

  • The basics of how our brains function and how this impacts our motivation and success at work
  • The differences between male and female brains and whether they impact work performance and style
  • Why women have a different experience at work to men
  • Your brain’s capacity and how to adopt good work habits
  • The science on learning and habit change alongside suggestions for managing your learning on the programme
  • Practical examples and tools, so you can apply your new understanding to your everyday work life.

What you will gain from the module

Completing this module will set you up for success for the rest of the programme. By adopting the learning advice, you will find the programme easier and more rewarding and by taking up some of the brain-savvy work habits you can transform your productivity and performance. Finally, you will understand the role of stereotypes in work, how the brain creates them and the bias which may result.