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  • Strategy Programme: Honing Your Strategic Skills: March 2022

    Our programme uses an understanding of neuroscience to show you how to make the mental and behavioural shifts to more consistently make a strategic contribution in your HR role.

    We do this through a combination of:

    • Understanding the difference between activating the tactical and the strategic thinking areas of the brain.
    • Building skills in the key elements of strategic thinking.
    • Building your confidence to act from strategic insight.
    • Enhance your strategic leadership by embodying your new skills and mindset.
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  • Brain-Savvy Wo+man Career Management for Women (Full Course)

    Thrive in your career whatever your ambitions. Our programme covers everything from confidence, to creating a high performing team to becoming the leader you want to be. It’s all on line with flexible ways to take the programme to suit you or your organisation.

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