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  • Future Leader – Leading a Virtual Team (Part One)

    The coronavirus lockdown has forever changed the way people will work. The way we led in 2019 will not be the way we lead in the future. No longer is home working a novelty. No longer is working flexibly thought to be for the under committed. Our definition of successful leadership has to move with these changes in the dynamics of the workplace. Current research shows many leaders find it hard to assess, appraise, and motivate teams spread across multiple locations who rarely meet face to face. In a world where this will be the new normal, leaders need new skills and a new mindset to motivate their teams and be successful.

    This programme teaches you the skills and new behaviours to lead differently: it focuses on how you bond and build trust across teams who never physically meet; how you set standards, give feedback, motivate and create high performance. It also helps you change your mindset around working virtually, develop your own style of leadership, and adapt your work habits.

    Head Heart and Brain have years of experience designing and delivering online and virtual leadership programmes. We know the combination of inputs which works and how to engage learners in the programme. We also back up all of our programmes with an understanding of neuroscience, so they help you see why ideas work and how you can change behaviour for greater success.

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  • Brain Basics – The Foundation Module: Single

    In this foundation module, you’ll be introduced to the building-blocks of the programme: the basic neuroscience (which is presented in an accessible and immediately engaging way), and our approach to helping you to manage your career for success.

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  • Build Your Confidence and Go for It! (Single)

    This module enables you to re-set yourself to the level of self-belief you need to be successful, and to spend more time in that state of mind.

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  • Get the Feedback You Need (Single)

    Learn resilience, how to get the feedback you need and smooth come backs for dealing with unfair feedback or evaluations.

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  • Presence – You Can Grow It (Single)

    We unpick the science of presence and provide practical tools.

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  • How To Get The Promotion You Deserve (Single)

    We help you to set yourself up for promotion, avoiding career-traps like the “office housework” which you don’t get credit for, and ensure you get experience in the financial and strategic skills essential for the most senior positions.

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  • How to Be a ‘Super-Persuader’ (Single)

    At some point your effectiveness will depend on your ability to persuade and influence others. We introduce the science of persuasion and a practical model.

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  • Build a High-Performance Team (Single)

    This material shares the science on teamwork and how to build a successful team from scratch or to inject energy and high performance into an established team.

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  • The Mother Bias – Managing Family and Work (Single)

    This module reveals the science of how people are judged, and particularly the judgements made of working mothers, and how you can prevent long-term damage to your career.

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  • The Importance of Networking, Support and Getting the Men on Board (Single)

    Networking isn’t something you do instead of work these days it’s an essential element in success. Mentors and sponsors play an important role in a successful career and women need to know how to position themselves to find and use them effectively.

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  • Become the Leader You Want to Be (Single)

    Take this module if you aspire to leadership, are newly appointed as a leader, or want to be the best leader you can be.

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