Build a High-Performance Team (Single)


This material shares the science on teamwork and how to build a successful team from scratch or to inject energy and high performance into an established team.

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Neuroscience is giving us a new perspective on teamwork: what actually works and what doesn’t. As your career progresses you will be responsible for the work of a team, and your success will be judged by the team’s effectiveness. How do you build a successful, cohesive team from scratch, or inject energy into an established team you’ve taken over?  This module gives you the tools as well as understanding others, empathy and trust.

  • Take this module if you’re new to team management, you need to get a new team working well together, or accepted leadership techniques aren’t getting stand-out results. The materials are presented in small chunks of around 15 -20 mins. The module will take around 3 hours 30mins