Quiz – Are stereotypes impacting your career and work decisions? Sample

We are all bias, it’s the way the brain works but just knowing that won’t stop you making decisions based on stereotypes and the implicit associations which attach to them. Take his quiz to check how many of the stereotypes you recognise. The other modules in the Brain-savvy Woman’s Career management programme will help you to move from awareness to action with strategies to manage your own biases that may be impacting how you are managing your career and making decision at work.

No one makes decisions in a vacuum, all decisions are influenced by the beliefs, values and the expectations we have acquired as we grow up and experience life. These determine what it is OK to do and what it’s definitely not OK to do. And something like 80% of our behaviour is based on these unconscious biases, beliefs and associations, rather than being intentional rational action.  Research studies show when we are with people who are important to us, like work colleagues or your boss you are more likely to behave in a way consistent with established stereotypes.

We also judge our own actions based on the stereotypes we have absorbed, and these underlying beliefs have repercussions in the workplace. They impact your career decisions, how you manage your team, who you go to for advice and even how well you get on with colleagues and clients.

This quiz uses some of the research we cover in our Brain-savvy Woman Career Management programme to help you become more aware of the many ways unconscious bias based on gender can play out.

Check your answers at the end giving yourself one point for each correct answer. We have then provided a few suggestions for how you can notice and tackle your own unconscious bias effectvely.

Quiz – Are stereotypes impacting your career and work decisions? Sample