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  • The Importance of Networking, Support and Getting the Men on Board (Single)

    Networking isn’t something you do instead of work these days it’s an essential element in success. Mentors and sponsors play an important role in a successful career and women need to know how to position themselves to find and use them effectively.

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  • Become the Leader You Want to Be (Single)

    Take this module if you aspire to leadership, are newly appointed as a leader, or want to be the best leader you can be.

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  • Brain savvy Wo+man : How women can overcome gender bias and succeed at work

    Make your work more satisfying, be more effective, and overcome the bias that can hold you back. Understand how your brain works, and the shortcuts of thinking that direct most of what we do, how others react to us and us to them.
    In your everyday job:

    • What can you do when you’re being side-lined, talked-over, or someone else gets credit for your ideas?
    • What to do if your colleagues react badly when you stand up for your point of view?
    • Are you too tired to be ambitious?
    • Do you dread the words “I need to give you some feedback”?
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  • Brain-Savvy Leading: Neuroscience Tips and Tools

    This book provides the science related to a number of activities in business such as decision-making, change, team engagement and individual performance. We have added tips and tools to help leaders work in a way that is more consistent with what science teaches us. We have drawn on neuroscience, social psychology and behavioural economics.

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  • Brain-Savvy Business: 8 Principles from Neuroscience and How to Apply Them

    This book takes a new and different approach. A brain-savvy approach. The latest findings from neuroscience show us how to work with how brains have developed to better lead, harness energy and create organisations that work with our brains not against their natural functioning.

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  • Brain Savvy HR: A Neuroscience Evidence Base

    This book uses neuroscience to help you define the guiding sense of purpose that’s a key feature of effective HR leadership. It shows how the latest research can improve your daily policies and practice. And gives you the insight and tools to maximise your own performance. With case studies from organisations that have been using neuroscience to solve their business problems.

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