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Foundation Idea

Foundation ideas are offered to you throughout the programme. Rather than being about managing your career they are focused on how to make the changes you identify as desirable to meet your goals. Not only will they help you be more successful with this programme they set you up for success with any learning or behaviour change you may wish to make in the future They are skills that future proof your growth and development.

Foundation ideas are science, tools and tips to ensure you learn from the programme, adopt the insights and apply them in a practical way to your career. We draw on the neuroscience of learning and behaviour change and share that understanding with you in a practical way. Understanding the foundation ideas will be important for making change and sticking with a new way of working.

Video: Adopting new habits   2:52 mins

An animated video sharing the science on habit formation and change.

WATCH THIS video to help you plan how you will adopt new work habits as you progress through the programme.

This is a video you will want to return to as you complete other modules.


 Foundation Idea Summary –  Changing Habits

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