The Mother Bias – Managing Family and Work (Single)


This module reveals the science of how people are judged, and particularly the judgements made of working mothers, and how you can prevent long-term damage to your career.

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Going back to work after leave to have a baby can be daunting. Juggling child care commitments and work is equally a challenge and on top of that it shouldn’t be the case, but women with children do face additional prejudices and stereotyped expectations at work. It’s important to understand the additional challenges for working mothers in order to overcome them. (If you are not a mother this module has plenty of content on how women are judged and how you can manage those stereotypical judgements, self-awareness and managing the bias which women can encounter.)

  • Take this module if you are about to take parental leave or are returning to work after leave or a sabbatical. It is especially helpful alongside one-to-one coaching if you have had a setback, you have taken a major step up in your career or you are returning to your career after a sabbatical or parental leave. The materials are presented in small chunks of around 15 -20 mins. The module will take around 2 hours 30mins