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  • Accelerate Your Leadership – A leadership Programme for Women

    This is a programme designed specifically for women, to help you recognise your strengths, increase your confidence, define your ambition and achieve your career goals.

    The programme incorporates a number of elements designed to provide insight, make change and support your leadership. In each month of the six-month course, participants will engage with a new set of online materials as well as attend a webinar. This is supported with six one to one coaching sessions and three facilitated group coaching sessions focused on learning how to apply the insights with your colleagues.

    Materials include an ebook each month with a summary of the ideas plus practical exercises you can apply, video’s, self-assessments and quizzes as well as reflection and application ideas.

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  • An Introduction to Neuroscience for HR Professionals

    In this short series of programmes we introduce the key findings from neuroscience as they relate to HR. work.  We created this on-line programme as an introduction to neuroscience for HR: showing how it explains why people act the way they do; how we – and the people we work with – can change; and the way key concepts, like engagement, reward and motivation, work in the brain. We wanted to share around some of this important evidence, propose how it can inform HR work, and hopefully give you some answers to a few thorny questions.

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  • Business Factor

    Our global research into the Success Profile for HR professionals found business acumen to be a key feature in the mind-set of the most successful. High performing HR professionals live and breathe the business they are part of – they understand not only the intricacies of their organisation and division but also the sector they operate in, the competitor environment, the economic, political and social factors that impact upon it. This programme helps you to become more commercial as well as test your current mindset and skills. You take the programme multiple  times to keep improving your business acumen.

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  • HR Strategy Programme – Moving to a Strategic Mindset

    Making a strategic contribution as an HR professional is still a challenge for many individuals.

    Our programme uses an understanding of neuroscience to show you how to make the mental and behavioural shifts to move from tactical to strategic in your HR role.

    We do this through a combination of:

    • Understanding the difference between activating the tactical and the strategic thinking areas of the brain.
    • Building skills in the key elements of strategic thinking – including business acumen.
    • Cultivating an understanding of mindset and how to change it.
    • Building your confidence to act from strategic insight.
    • Help stakeholders make critical shifts in their assumptions about what is possible.
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  • Online HR Business Partner Programme with one to one Coaching

    Programme Purpose

    Being a successful HR Business Partner is still a challenge in many organisations. When Business Partners know the secrets of success, they can make a major contribution. One that brings about real change in the business and satisfaction for the HR Business Partner.

    In the programme, we explore the skills and mind-set that help HR Business Partners have real impact.  We reveal the mind-set common to all successful HR Business Partners and we use our unique brain-savvy training approach to help them turn insight into new, successful habits back at work.

    The programme is delivered with online materials, 360 feedback, webinars, one to one coaching and Action Learning Sets.

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  • Brain-Savvy Wo+man Career Management for Women (Full Course)

    Thrive in your career whatever your ambitions. Our programme covers everything from confidence, to creating a high performing team to becoming the leader you want to be. It’s all on line with flexible ways to take the programme to suit you or your organisation.

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  • Brain Basics – The Foundation Module: Single

    In this foundation module, you’ll be introduced to the building-blocks of the programme: the basic neuroscience (which is presented in an accessible and immediately engaging way), and our approach to helping you to manage your career for success.

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  • Build Your Confidence and Go for It! (Single)

    This module enables you to re-set yourself to the level of self-belief you need to be successful, and to spend more time in that state of mind.

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  • Get the Feedback You Need (Single)

    Learn resilience, how to get the feedback you need and smooth come backs for dealing with unfair feedback or evaluations.

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  • Presence – You Can Grow It (Single)

    We unpick the science of presence and provide practical tools.

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  • How To Get The Promotion You Deserve (Single)

    We help you to set yourself up for promotion, avoiding career-traps like the “office housework” which you don’t get credit for, and ensure you get experience in the financial and strategic skills essential for the most senior positions.

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  • How to Be a ‘Super-Persuader’ (Single)

    At some point your effectiveness will depend on your ability to persuade and influence others. We introduce the science of persuasion and a practical model.

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